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About Djari Artz

What's Happening Now

Why Choose Us?

We provide our best catering service with delicious food. Our service covers all aspects involved in catering such as canopy, banners, decorations, souvenirs, entertainment, and others. 

Strategic Location

Truly Malaysian Food

Attractive Price

Love their cooking. Nice food and professional service. I did hire them for all my wedding event

Jamaluddin Hj Ahmad

The BEST catering in the world

Umi Kalsom

Makanan memang sedap, abis licin makanan majlis pertunangan saya!

Myza Chic

Event manager. Well organised. Lovely food. Kebolehpercayaan

Izat Zakaria

Jaminan bahawa wang anda berbaloi dengan perkhidmatan yang disediakan di sini

Noraida Abdul Rahman

Jom! Buka Puasa Together

Looking for somewhere to buka puasa? We are the ideal place for you to buka puasa with your friend and colleague!

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